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Daily Market Review – 8/07/16


Global investors are entering a big day of trading this morning. The Nikkei has declined in early trading on Friday and the FX markets have seen the GBP and EUR taken lower again the last twelve hours. Yesterday’s trading in … Read More

Daily Market Review – 29/06/16


Financial assets have continued to creep back into positive territory via Indices in early morning trading from Asia. The GBP held onto its gains yesterday and continues to find some takers. The EUR has also found short-term support. The vast … Read More

Daily Market Review – 9/06/16


The broad markets have gone into a bit of a consolidation the past couple of trading sessions as investors begin to sift through the changing landscape which includes a Federal Reserve that is likely not going to change monetary policy … Read More

Daily Market Review – 6/06/16


Two big whirlwinds have taken place since Friday. The jobless numbers from the U.S. came in with a startling negative outcome. The Non-Farm Employment Change numbers not only missed their estimates, but they missed in an extraordinarily bad way. The … Read More

Weekly Market Outlook – 5/06/16


The jobs numbers on Friday provided a brutal reminder to a variety of important factions including the government, the U.S. public, and investors that wishful thinking is not enough to improve the economy in the States. The Fed has been … Read More

Is the USD toast?


The USD is almost mystical in nature and it is looked upon as a gold standard among the currencies and has found a secure status as the major reserve currency of the world by many. It has made polite and … Read More

Daily Market Review – 10/05/16


Industrial Production numbers have started being released from Europe, both Germany and France have turned in negative numbers which highlight the plight of the ECB and economic stagnation on the continent. The EUR has been trading in a rather cautious … Read More

Daily Market Review – 03/05/16


While many traders who are based in Europe and the Americas often turn a blind eye to what is happening in Asia, it is a good idea to know what is taking place in China, Japan and Australia among others. … Read More

Daily Market Review – 25/04/16


The broad markets have opened up trading this morning with a cautious tone from Asian bourses which are showing slight declines across their boards. Crude Oil has maintained the higher notions of its range, but it has also slipped too. … Read More

Weekly Market Outlook – 10/04/16


The broad markets will open early on Monday and be welcomed by inflation data from China via CPI and PPI statistics early in the morning European time. Investors will also be poised for earnings season to kick off from the … Read More