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Daily Market Review – 8/07/16


Global investors are entering a big day of trading this morning. The Nikkei has declined in early trading on Friday and the FX markets have seen the GBP and EUR taken lower again the last twelve hours. Yesterday’s trading in … Read More

Good Risks and Bad Risks


As of early Thursday afternoon the GBP continues to sustain the gains that it has made the past five days of trading. Sterling has not given back much of its gains and traders seem intent on adding positions against the … Read More

Jobs Numbers Result – Bad.


The American economy continues to show a lot of disconnect between reality and the politics that are being played by the U.S. government via its Central Bank – and now they are becoming evident and might be failing. The jobs … Read More

Is the USD toast?


The USD is almost mystical in nature and it is looked upon as a gold standard among the currencies and has found a secure status as the major reserve currency of the world by many. It has made polite and … Read More

Do You Need A Rosy Outlook?


New traders sometimes need to be reminded that they can make money when the markets are declining. Economic data from the United States, Europe and Asia has been disappointing in many respects. Central Banks are known to be debating monetary … Read More

Crude Oil, Gold and Growth


At some juncture the global economy will start to grow in unison again. At some moment the sun will come out and shine on growth data and show that proper demand has come into the commodity markets. However, that time … Read More

A Jobless Problem?


Typically the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change number is watched only from the corner of the eye by most investors, this because the outcome seldom provides enough of a surprise to cause a fireworks display. However, yesterday’s outcome of only 156K … Read More

Daily Market Review – 28/04/16


The vital line from the FOMC Statement yesterday was perhaps the second sentence “…..indicates that labor market conditions have improved further even as growth in economic activity appears to have slowed.” This highlights that while employment data has continued to … Read More

The FOMC and Black Swans


The FOMC Statement on Wednesday may prove to be more volatile than immediately meets the eye for ordinary traders. Investors want to know what the Fed’s outlook is for June, because they expect no interest rate hike tomorrow, and the … Read More

Daily Market Review – 31/03/16


German Retail Sales data have been published already this morning and the results came in below expectations. This shows that German consumers are perhaps less than enthusiastic about the German economy. Since the numbers were released the EUR has sold … Read More