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Riding the Wave


Traders have begun to find more serene conditions the past twenty-four hours. Global markets have actually started to display ranges without rampant volatile bursts. FX, commodities, stocks and Indices have all been capably traded without any major surprises. Current Account … Read More

Daily Market Review – 30/06/16


Global markets have continued to display stability the past twelve hours and the hysteria that was rampant in most asset classes has gone away. The GBP which has been the focal point of the volatility has now turned in two … Read More

Daily Market Review – 19/05/16


Crude Oil Inventories data provided some fireworks on Wednesday as the report showed that storage was above expectations. On the results Crude Oil promptly began to trade lower. The energy has hovered near short-term highs for a while and had … Read More

Daily Market Review – 31/03/16


German Retail Sales data have been published already this morning and the results came in below expectations. This shows that German consumers are perhaps less than enthusiastic about the German economy. Since the numbers were released the EUR has sold … Read More