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Daily Market Review – 5/07/16


The Caixin Services PMI reading from China came in slightly better than expected. Germany and France will release their Services PMI numbers today, along with the U.K. later this morning. The U.S. returns from their holiday and they will bring … Read More

Weekly Market Outlook – 3/07/16


The FX markets may be the focal point for the investment world this coming week. Bonds continue to fall into record low yields globally and this has also created an environment that is like roulette with equities and Indices as … Read More

Riding the Wave


Traders have begun to find more serene conditions the past twenty-four hours. Global markets have actually started to display ranges without rampant volatile bursts. FX, commodities, stocks and Indices have all been capably traded without any major surprises. Current Account … Read More

Good Risks and Bad Risks


As of early Thursday afternoon the GBP continues to sustain the gains that it has made the past five days of trading. Sterling has not given back much of its gains and traders seem intent on adding positions against the … Read More

Daily Market Review – 13/06/16


Data from Asia this morning was bad. The Japanese BSI Manufacturing Index came in with an extremely bad reading of minus -11.1. The Nikkei promptly dropped off a cliff and put in significant losses.

Global Indices were going to be … Read More

Weekly Market Outlook – 12/06/16


Volatility seems intent on coming into the broad markets based on current investor sentiment. Wall Street finished the week with sharp declines and Asia will have to be watched early on Monday for a continuation of the trend. FX has … Read More

FX About to Get Volatile?


In many respects the FX majors have traded in rather tranquil trends the past few months. Yes, there have been the occasional hiccups and surprises, and we have seen days of large reversals and even chatter about a ‘fat finger’ … Read More

Crude Oil, Gold and Growth


At some juncture the global economy will start to grow in unison again. At some moment the sun will come out and shine on growth data and show that proper demand has come into the commodity markets. However, that time … Read More

Daily Market Review – 13/05/16


Three FOMC members of the Federal Reserve spoke on Thursday and two of them repeated that they believe interest rates need to be raised. Essentially two of the members said that they believe interest rates are too low and may … Read More

Disregarding The Fed


The currency markets have entered tight ranges in what appears to be a short-term testing ground as the major FX pairs seek equilibrium before perhaps ensuing on their merry paths again. The USD which had given value back to the … Read More