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Chicago PMI

Riding the Wave


Traders have begun to find more serene conditions the past twenty-four hours. Global markets have actually started to display ranges without rampant volatile bursts. FX, commodities, stocks and Indices have all been capably traded without any major surprises. Current Account … Read More

Daily Market Review – 29/06/16


Financial assets have continued to creep back into positive territory via Indices in early morning trading from Asia. The GBP held onto its gains yesterday and continues to find some takers. The EUR has also found short-term support. The vast … Read More

Daily Market Review – 1/06/16


China Manufacturing readings released early this morning came in with very flat numbers. The outcome shows that the Asian giant continues to suffer from a stagnating economy. The worry among many analysts is that stimulus which has now been diminished … Read More

Daily Market Review – 31/05/16


German Retail Sales have been released already this morning and the result was negative and to make matters worse the previous month’s figures were revised downwards. German Unemployment Change numbers will be release this morning too and it will be … Read More

Economic Data Worsens


Recent PMI publications from far and wide have proven suggestions made from a variety of financial spheres that not all is good with the global economy. Stagnation continues to be a thorn in the side of the major economies. This … Read More

Daily Market Review – 02/05/16


Asian trading was relatively light because many markets were closed because of bank holidays. The JPY in the meantime has continued to get stronger against the USD following its trend that it had before the weekend. The USD finds itself … Read More

Weekly Market Outlook – 01/05/16


The USD traded weaker against the EUR and GBP last week on the impetus of an FOMC Statement that cautiously spoke about slowing economic activity in the States. The Fed report was not conclusive about a potential rate increase in … Read More