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Daily Market Review – 1/07/16


China Manufacturing PMI data produced another startling decline via the Caixin reading early on Friday.  With an outcome of 48.6 compared to the already weak estimate of 49.1 it has to be said that the Chinese economy continues to produce … Read More

Riding the Wave


Traders have begun to find more serene conditions the past twenty-four hours. Global markets have actually started to display ranges without rampant volatile bursts. FX, commodities, stocks and Indices have all been capably traded without any major surprises. Current Account … Read More

Economic Data Worsens


Recent PMI publications from far and wide have proven suggestions made from a variety of financial spheres that not all is good with the global economy. Stagnation continues to be a thorn in the side of the major economies. This … Read More

Daily Market Review – 03/05/16


While many traders who are based in Europe and the Americas often turn a blind eye to what is happening in Asia, it is a good idea to know what is taking place in China, Japan and Australia among others. … Read More

China and its Impact


Early tomorrow morning, Friday, China will release Manufacturing PMI data. The Chinese government will release its official report and then it will be followed by the Caixin report. Typically the government’s version regarding the Manufacturing data is a bit more … Read More