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Featured Analysis

A Jobless Problem?


Typically the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change number is watched only from the corner of the eye by most investors, this because the outcome seldom provides enough of a surprise to cause a fireworks display. However, yesterday’s outcome of only 156K … Read More

Economic Data Worsens


Recent PMI publications from far and wide have proven suggestions made from a variety of financial spheres that not all is good with the global economy. Stagnation continues to be a thorn in the side of the major economies. This … Read More

The FOMC and Black Swans


The FOMC Statement on Wednesday may prove to be more volatile than immediately meets the eye for ordinary traders. Investors want to know what the Fed’s outlook is for June, because they expect no interest rate hike tomorrow, and the … Read More

Mario Draghi and the EUR


When Mario Draghi steps up to the podium to conduct his ECB press conference today, it will be following the announcement of the Minimum Bid Rate which is expected to remain unchanged. The ECB President has had a very busy … Read More

Crude Oil Chaos


MaxOptions Blog essentially predicted what has taken place with the Doha Oil Summit in the past twenty four hours. While it was easy to make an announcement proclaiming that an oil production freeze had been agreed upon, it was completely … Read More

Doha Oil Summit


The upcoming meeting on Sunday, the 17th of April, of the top oil ministers from around the globe in Doha, Qatar will be significant. The meeting will consist of most OPEC members and Russia and the subject of Crude Oil production … Read More

Wall Street Profits?


Yes, it is earnings season. Alcoa will release their corporate results for the first quarter today. There is always an air of excitement surrounding upcoming earnings results. Traders will certainly have a lot to consider short-term and mid-term.

Simply put … Read More

Earnings Season Insights


The U.S. earning season gets underway early next week on the 11th of April, this when Alcoa brings forward its corporate report. Wall Street has not seen a clear road to gains the past few months and has turned in … Read More

The Fed and Interest Rates


Last week Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen surprised many by expressing quite a bit of caution regarding the future of short-term interest rate hikes. The Fed for many months last year had been warning that the key interest rate in the … Read More

China and its Impact


Early tomorrow morning, Friday, China will release Manufacturing PMI data. The Chinese government will release its official report and then it will be followed by the Caixin report. Typically the government’s version regarding the Manufacturing data is a bit more … Read More