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How to trade – Step by step


Each and every one of us is interested in making profits easily and quickly. Trading binary options is the best way to get results without wasting time. When choosing this form of trading it doesn’t matter what is your entry … Read More

Euro Currency Index


This index is known as the EURX, it measures the euro against well familiarized global currencies (USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, NOK & SEK) which form the main foreign trade turnover. Fundamental events influence the chart movement, in addition to commodity … Read More

Binary Options Trading Guide


Welcome to the world of trading, buckle your seat and get ready for an exciting new way for you to maximize profits easily.
Many people choose to trade on binary options, due to their simplicity.
Binary options trading offers Read More

Trading VS. Gambling – Are they the same?


Many people hesitate upon entering the financial world, the fear of the unknown is something that we all share. Let’s set the record straight and explain how the two differ one from the other.

The definition of gambling is risking … Read More

Trading Talk: Know Your Bulls and Your Bears


Benefits and Drawbacks of Bullish and Bearish Trends

Each trader in the financial market needs to be familiar the terms relevant for trading. The two most popular terms are BULLISH and BEARISH.

The term Bullish is used when there is … Read More

For Beginners: Two Types of Binary Options-Fundamental and Technical Trading


There are many types of traders in the binary options world. Each one strives to be the best that they can be and thinks that he or she has the best strategy to maximize their profits, with minimizing their time. … Read More