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The Non-Farm Payroll Report (NFP)


The Non-Farm payroll report (NFP), is an economic indicator which is released on monthly basis (on the first Friday of every month) by the United States Department of Labor. The report provides data from the previous month and contains information … Read More



The USD/JPY pair is the second highest traded currency pair amongst the major pairs, amounting to 17% of the total daily volume (the first is the EUR/USD pair). The USD sets the tone for the trade in this case, as … Read More

Currency Trading in Binary Options


The foreign exchange market is the global market for currency trading. It is commonly known as forex trading, which is a global cash market where you trade on national currencies as pairs. In pair trading, you trade on the relative … Read More



The most popular currency pair is the EUR/USD pair. These two assets represent the largest currencies in the world with a constant need to hedge their exchange rate. This pair is considered the most lucrative pair since it is constantly … Read More

Technical Analysis in Binary Options


We have previously stated that investors stand to profit greatly from market movements, by using the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis. Let’s dive in and explain about the technical analysis as we did with the fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis … Read More

USD Index


The US Dollar index is known as USDX, it is a leading benchmark for the US dollar performance against a basket of worldwide currencies (Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Swedish Krona & the Canadian Dollar). This index has … Read More

Trading Instruments


MaxOptions offers traders an option to choose between different types of trading instruments, as an investor you are able to choose which one caters to your needs. Each tool has its own features and benefits, when it comes to choosing … Read More

Gold Options


Gold is one of the most popular commodities on the binary options market. Most binary traders invest on gold options, due to their volatility and the fact that they are hardly affected by economic factors. Gold is one of the … Read More

Oil Options


The most well-known and interesting commodity among traders worldwide is oil, or as most investors know it as crude oil. Oil generates the most interest due to the fact that it affects our day to day life directly. For instance … Read More

Binary Options Trading vs. Forex Trading – Here are the facts


The popularity of binary options is increasing rapidly these days, traders worldwide are more eager to invest on a yes/no market proposition. Binary Options are easy to use and offer high profits, therefore traders find them very appealing.

Investors … Read More